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A svelte grouping perfect for that shelf calling out for styling.

1 Large Cork Frame

1 Small Cork Frame

1 Large Celluloid Frame

1 Small Celluloid Frame

1 Circular Lidded Celluloid Box :

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Additional Info


1 Large Cork Frame : 8.25”w x 10.25” h
Frame Oval Opening : 4.5” w x 6.5” h

1 Small Cork Frame : 5.25” w x 6.25” h
Frame Opening : 2.75” w x 3.75” h

1 Large Celluloid Frame : 6.5” w x 8.5” h
Frame Opening : 4.25” w x 6.25” h

1 Small Celluloid Frame : 3.5” w x 7” h
Frame Opening : 2.25” w x 5.5” h

1 Circular Lidded Celluloid Box : 3” dia. x 2.25” h

All items in this collection are vintage.

Post 27’s Collection groupings are lovingly sourced, cleaned and curated. It’s like having a personal shopper and stylist for your home.

All vintage items are sourced and carefully selected without major flaws. As vintage items are “used” items, slight patina and small markings are deemed “acceptable” by us. We choose vintage because the way things used to be made is usually in most circumstances better than new, it’s more original and less mass market, and the concept of re-using such items is better for our world.

Most of the time dinnerware and glassware are dishwasher safe. We suggest setting the drying temperature low when washing vintage items. We have learned that metallic finishes do not like the dishwasher and tend to “wear away” and suggest hand washing such items. All linens are chosen for their cotton or mostly cotton material and are good to go into the wash and a cool air dry in the dryer.