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Framed Limited Edition Archival Giclee print

Signed and Numbered

20 X 24

Framed in matt black wood frame and plexiglass. Dimensions framed 21.25 x 25.25

Beyond Reconstitution aims to capture and interpret the data that results from the blasting of paintings, sculptures, masks, tapestries, and all other cultural artifacts, from different times and cultures, and colliding them at light speed.
Beyond Reconstitution reconstructs and gives meaning to this data by organizing and harnessing fresh interpretations. It encourages the viewer to re-evaluate culture, both present and past. It manipulates, disrupts, and at times even clarifies our limited and relative historical perception.
Traditional pictorial passages in Beyond Reconstitution are reconfigured, spun, set on their heads, enlarged, shattered, dwarfed, combined, and isolated to create new and meaningful narratives. The stories they tell bring to the surface, among other things, the tensions concealed within our post-colonial condition. These collisions reveal alternate cosmic dimensions hidden within even the deepest cracks of our human existence. Once deciphered and reconstituted these images dare us to press past our accepted sense of reality. These narratives jolt our superficial sense of cultural and social hierarchy. Beyond Reconstitution thrusts our knowledge of the world, as it has been fed to us, into the realm of the beyond. In this new and complex world order, space and time converge to produce complex figures of difference and identity. And it is in this new and unpredictable world order that we find ourselves suspended within an immense cascading flux of cultural and historical exchange.

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WW 20x24 6.jpg